Alternative – Recruitment Professional (2+ yrs post call) - ALTT-024

August 12, 2013
September 12, 2013
Anita Lerek
Area of Law
Full Time

As the recruitment world is transforming with the pre-eminence of the Internet, the role of the recruiter is evolving as well. An Advocate recruiter is a passionate people relator and connector. In law firms, companies, government, and non-profits, we match legal professionals with client legal solution needs, permanent, variable outsourced, or project.

This is a parttime or fulltime position.


You are a lawyer with empathy and social skills. You’re a good listener and observer of people’s words and actions, and of your own. You are quite analytical about people and what makes them tick. You’re not afraid to ask questions. 

All the above soft skills are mobilized to close talent management deals, namely, to install legal professionals in new work situations and/or to oversee them in outsourced or project/ legal solutions matters. So to succeed here you need to be a self-motivated individual as well as well-organized. You persevere and focus. You enjoy running and completing the task. You get the job done 
Recruiting, Interviewing and client development experience are an asset, failing which you’re curious and love to learn new things. In-house and litigation experience, an asset.

Soft skills are a gift, which will enable you to enjoy, excel and profit in the talent management/people legal solutions field.


In its 24th year, Advocate Placement is Canada’s longest-serving recruiter, ACG’s unique approach to people matching is two-fold 1) we explore deeply into the motivations and needs of professionals and 2) we align our selections with the actual talent management practices of the client and with best practices. We offer the most rigorous screening tools plus the widest possible choice of legal talent and work-life opportunities. 

The values we seek to model and to advocate in the legal workplace are – smarts, fair, care, connecting, belonging. We strive to help both legal service suppliers and demanders to make informed workplace decisions. 

Located in mid-town Toronto, Yorkville, Advocate Placement Ltd. Is an established, high performing legal placement and solutions company, with most of the staff being lawyers, with a strong team spirit and commitment to best practices. 

Here’s your chance to remain in the lawyer environment you know well, and help bring about workplace fit. Enjoy dealing with a variety of candidates, positions, and tasks. Gain personal satisfaction from helping an employer solve a staffing problem and helping a candidate make an optimal career choice. Help businesses obtain creative and cost-effective legal solutions through our in- and out-sourcing services and projects. Enjoy regular hours and a fun, friendly, creative, and inclusive culture. Learn, participate, and move ahead in a growing, stimulating and highly influential business where you’re as independent as you can handle, yet grounded in a structure of regular team communication, synergy, and accountability. You either have an interest in the arts or you’ll develop one, working at Advocate.


Full confidentiality assured. We do not forward your resume nor disclose your identity to employer without your express authorization.