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Alternative - Research and Writing Consultant - ALTT-023

This job is no longer available

Advocate Placement
May 3, 2013
June 3, 2013
Anita Lerek
Area of Law

Further information

Research and draft communications revolving around lawyer and employer searches.

This is a parttime or fulltime position.

You derive satisfaction from research and writing. You are a resolute researcher enjoying the pursuit of the problem to final satisfaction. You enjoy and are skilled at navigating diverse research vehicles - Web-based, documentary, legal, niche, and general. You are comfortable with data bases. And you take pride in outputting your final concise solutions. Research and writing in non-law areas, and practice with data base management, are assets.

In its 21st year, Advocate Placement is Canada’s longest-running recruiter, offering the most rigorous screening tools plus the widest possible choice of legal talent and work-life options. We provide comprehensive recruitment services including the placement of associates, partners, and in-house counsel, on both a permanent and contract basis in diverse work contexts. We strive to empower both candidates and employers to make informed workplace decisions. We carefully research workplaces for progressive practices including work-life balance, positive interpersonal relations, and inclusiveness
Located in mid-town Toronto, Yorkville, Advocate Placement Ltd. Is a small established legal recruiting company, with most of the staff being lawyers, with a strong team spirit and high standards of service.
Other Features
Diverse: We have the greatest variety of candidates, clients in terms of size, practice areas, locations, types of positions, durations.
Candidate-centred: We invest a lot of time and effort to get to know the candidate and the client. .
Our values: To foster both internally and in the legal workplace, an open, ethical, and truthful culture.

Here’s your chance to indulge your passion for research and writing undisturbed by docketing and billable targets. Stay in the legal environment you know well, and help bring about workplace fit through perceptive and incisive research and written communications. Gain personal satisfaction from helping an employer solve a staffing problem and helping a candidate make an optimal career choice. Enjoy regular hours and a friendly, inclusive culture. Learn, participate, and move ahead in a growing, stimulating and highly influential business where you’re as independent as you can handle, and with the structure of regular team communication and synergy to rely on. We offer the right candidate a fun and creative work environment. You either have an interest in the arts or you’ll develop one, working at Advocate Placement.
Reasonable basis plus incentive. Complimentary medical and dental benefits.

Full confidentiality assured. We do not forward your resume nor disclose your identity to employer without your express authorization.

Advocate Placement

Advocate Placement